Hearing the word “autism” during a diagnosis result can be upsetting for some parents. You are entering an unknown and scary world. 

The good news is that you are not alone! Hearing how parents faced this diagnosis can be very helpful. Discover how other parents are navigating this new world.


Working with autism is a choice for most of the experts or trained professionals in the autism field. Their dedication, courage and skills are what our loved ones need to have a chance at a fulfilling life.

At Autism Stories, we seek out these amazing souls. Many times, they also have family members on the spectrum, giving them a deep understanding of autism from all angles.

The autism spectrum is just that – a spectrum. Everyone’s experience is different and unique. It would be a mistake to compare them all based on one individual experience.

To be able to understand the real picture, you have to take into account all people on the spectrum’s stories.

Whether you live or work with autism, every day comes with unpredictable situations. 

As a community, we all have valuable advice or opinions to share to navigate these situations. No matter how long you have been involved with autism, there is always room to learn and improve. 

There are many therapies and programs available to help children, teenagers and adults on the autism spectrum, but it can be difficult to know where to begin.

From ABA therapy to training programs to become a motion graphic designer or to support young adults on the spectrum seeking employment, we’ll cover a wide range of topics.

There is no manual for parenthood or life. But if you’re the parent of a child on the spectrum, or on the spectrum yourself, there is always something to learn to give it your best.

Our contributors are carefully selected to ensure that we deliver only the best content to help you where you need it the most.

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